Creative Design

Logo Creation or Upgrade

Your logo needs to tell a story, convey your brand and be recognizable in your market. Our team will craft a simple yet effective design that reflects your unique style and service.  

Maybe your logo just needs some new life breathed into it. Let us use today's latest design tools to give your brand a modern and sophisticated facelift. 

We utilize our in-house team as well as outsourced graphic designers to create a look that reflects who you are and what you do. 


Brochures, Newsletters, Marketing Materials

Actively engage with your target audience and build relationships with current and future customers through online or print newsletter campaigns that we can design and manage for you. 

Need to reach out to your event sponsors and exhibitors? INOVA can create your themed conference prospectus that engages and tells a story about your  event that promotes participation and support. 

Whether it is a business card or marketing brochure, our team can design eye-catching promotional materials to spread the word and grow your business.  


Social Media Marketing

Don't Overlook Your Social Media Strategy! Social media marketing helps to increase brand awareness and generate leads. Along with your website, you want to be certain you are creating and projecting the right image to promote your business by utilizing various social media platforms.

This is the place to show who you are and interact with clients or patrons. Having a robust social media plan is crucial for an effective marketing plan. We can help you create a strategy and content that will help you stand out above the rest!



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About us

Our Virtual Team of professionals have made a career of providing strategic business management services to small and mid-size businesses and non-profit associations.